Gambling Studies Program

June 2024 Phase 1 Training Information

Freedom from Problem Gambling

The UCLA Gambling Studies Program (UGSP) is a non-profit organization within the Department of Psychiatry and Biobehavioral Sciences at the University of California, Los Angeles. Our mission is to reduce the individual, familial, and societal harm caused by problem gambling. Since 2005, we have been engaged in conducting research, providing cost-effective prevention and treatment services, and offering education and training opportunities to healthcare providers and the community at large.


UGSP is committed to the advancement of research. We use a wide range of research methods to continually investigate the biological, psychological, and social factors associated with the onset, severity, and treatment of problem gambling.


UGSP has a number of outpatient treatment options available for problem gamblers and their families. Our team of experts understand and treat problematic gambling behaviors through individual psychotherapy and consultation.


UGSP provides educational and training opportunities for mental health providers across Southern California. We also welcome local and international volunteers, students, post-doctoral fellows, and psychiatry residents.

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